Sokol, Raymond    1955-1976

Ray graduated from West Morris High School in 1973 after distinguishing himself as a co-captain of the track team and captain of the cross-country team. He also worked on the school newspaper and participated in ski club. Ray was also named Outstanding Teen of America. It is no wonder that he was an honor student at Rutgers where he majored in mathematics.
Surnames beginning with  S
Schimanski, Clyde III  

Dear Clyde: The moment you left us, our world was shattered. We are slowly putting some pieces together but one MAJOR piece is gone. Love you forever and a day.....Till we meet again....
Billy, Andrew, and Me.

Clyde's mother, Lori, writes that she misses her son very much.
Seaman, Kevin   

Kevin was a 1976 Mt. Olive High School graduate who married and chose to raise his own family in Mt. Olive. He is remembered by his class-mates as a gentle giant who was friendly with everyone. He was a tremendously successful wrestler and an asset to the high school team.
Shucoski, Kevin    1960-1978

A football/ baseball player, Kevin is remembered by a letter written to him posthumously...
Dear Kevin: ...I remember such happy times in high are remembered each day in my are missed so much by friends and family...with love, Maribeth
 (AKA Lucy..your name for me!)
Short, Denis "DJ" 

DJ graduated from Mount Olive High School in 2009. He loved to play the guitar, visit the beach, drink hot coffee, and find the juiciest hamburgers anywhere he went. His mother, father, five siblings, grandparents and TONS of friends him everyday.
Smith, Robin  1953-1976

Robin is remembered driving his beat-up Chevy van & loving his dog, Wanda. He loved the field and streams;
 he embodied love, kindness, & peace.

Smith, Matthew 
Song, Joseph Minjae  1991-2013

Joseph is remembered as a young man who worked in the defense industry at Picatinny Arsenal; he was a computer programmer. A 2009 graduate of Watchung Hills High School, he had recently re-located to Budd Lake and became part of our community.  Joseph seemed to be a young man on the cusp of a burgeoning career and independent life when he passed away.  
He is remembered here, by us.
Solanki, Neil Kishor      1993-2012

Loved by his friends a family,  Neil is remembered as a free spirit and exceptional guitar player.  
Stark, Thomas  1966-1988

Tom was a huge car enthusiast. He restored '66 Chevelles from the ground up. He could really restore any vehicle but loved 66's because that was the year he was born. He was also rated the 3rd best mechanic in the state of NJ, about a year after he graduated from high school. Tom left behind his 3 year old son at the time of his death. He loved fishing and hunting and bands like Lynryd Skynryd, Pink Floyd, & Deep Purple. All in all, ask anyone who knew him, they will ALL talk about his Chevelles.
Stevens, Katrina  1985-2013

A 2002 graduate from Mt. Olive High School, Katrina worked with special needs children upon her graduation. She is remembered as a beautiful person who cared greatly about others. She is sorely missed.
Stuart, Scott  1964-1980

Scott would have been a 1982 graduate from Mt. Olive High School. He was a passenger in a car that lost control on the Garden State Parkway. His photograph is published with his class in the 1980 MOHS yearbook and he has not been forgotten.
Strazza, Emma   2003-2017

Emma passed into heaven at 13 years old, a student at The Chambers School in Cedar Knolls.  She was known for her contagious laughter, infectious smile, and sense of humor.  She loved butterflies as well as all animals, particularly her dog and cats. She loved her family and we know she is protecting them from heaven.

Stephenson, Dennis 

Dennis is remembered as a fun and outgoing boy with a great smile and laugh.