Novaky, Nick 1994-2012

Known simply as "Novak" by his fellow athletes at Mt. Olive High School, Nick played football & baseball throughout his four high school years.  He cross-trained with the wrestling team on the off-season but did not compete.  Nick apparently found that he was not as successful as he hoped after his one and only year of  team wrestling. Still, he was invited to the wrestling team banquet at the end of his senior year and proudly sat among the senior players at the head table. A friend to everyone, Nick showed respect and kindness to all and did not tolerate bullying. Nick is remembered as a young man with a wonderful sense of humor who loved life. He passed into heaven 2 days before high school graduation in 2012 while his travel baseball team had a championship in view. His team laid their caps at the place where he succumbed to a fatal accident. Nick tended to contemplate existential questions about God, the universe, and the after life. 
 I suppose now he knows the answers.
Nelson, Alexander Neal   1971-1976

Nicknamed Andy, this very cute little blonde haired boy was an identical twin to brother Francis Allen. Andy could be found climbing the monkey bars at Tinc Road School or climbing over his father with both his brothers. Older brother, Ken, took little Andy by the hand to introduce him to the Indian Village at the Land of Make Believe.  Missed everyday by his parents & brothers, his lively spirit lives in everyone he encountered in his short life.
 Morris, James "Jimmy" Robert  1979-2002

Jimmy was "special" in the eyes of everyone he met. He had cerebral palsy, but was able to live his life to the fullest because of his parents, Donna and Bob, and sister, Shannon. He participated in Special Olympics bowling through The Matheny School and Hospital. He joined his family on many trips. His passing was a shock to all in the family. 
May his smile live on in the hearts 
of all who loved him.
Mussenden, Christine 1974-2002

Chrissy was remembered by her mother who said, "she had the most beautiful smile, was loved by many, and had many friends. She was very social and nicknamed the Mayor of her school. She is missed by many. I'm very proud to be her mother. She had the best hugs there ever were. I miss and love her very much. Till we meet again my sweet angel."  Chrissy's mom passed away shortly after providing this memorial for her daughter.  Mom and daughter are finally reunited.
 Morgan, William Thomas  1961-1986

Billy Morgan succumbed to an illness and left this world too early.  He was well liked, remembered by his friends from Mt. Olive High School and is clearly missed.  Many recall a fun adolescence with Billy and can still see him driving his Jeep.  He is thought of fondly and remembered as a good friend.
Mulherin, Kathleen M.   1974-2001

Kathleen was a graduate of Mt. Olive High School as were her siblings, Beth, Bill and Ralph. She is remembered as someone who who loved life, had a great attitude, had an infectious sense of humor..... and who left us way too soon.
Moore, Elijah O  1982-2010

Elijah was born in Denville & grew up in Dover. His family moved to Randolph but Budd Lake was his last  residence. He attended CCM, loved music, art, & poetry, & was a friend to Bill W.
Monath, Dawn A.   1964-1994

Dawn left this world and passed on to the next just shy of her 30th birthday due to an automobile accident. She never married and did not birth any children but she was loved and continues to be missed by many.
O'Neill, Jennifer 1981-2006

We had difficulty finding information about Jennifer but, with persistence, we found a letter that was written to her posthumously.  Finding the letter from a childhood friend was one rare time when the eternity of internet posts is a good thing. Jenn's friend wrote that she was a "mac and cheese" lover who would precisely measure the ingredients when cooking the boxed product. She sang, laughed, and enjoyed life like no one was watching.  Jenn reminded her friend during their young lives that, "we did not meet by choice but by destiny" and her friend cherishes the sentiment to this day.  
Till they meet again...
Milliman, Rachel L. 1987-2008

Rachel lived in Budd Lake for her whole life before moving to Michigan 2 years before she left us for heaven.  She relocated to be nearby her fiance.  Rachel is remembered as a young woman who was a vibrant and free spirit. She was passionate about music, her time with family and friends, and her cats. 
Surnames beginning with Me-O

Montella, Stefano 1959-1977

Referred to as Fannuci by his family, Stefano passed away from Leukemia in November of his senior year at Mt. Olive High School. Stefano was diagnosed when he was 14 years old and fought a courageous battle as a gentle, kind, and courteous young man.  Despite his own difficulties, he was always willing to help others.  
To know him was to love him.
Messina, Jonathan M.   1978-2001

Jonathan lived all his life in Flanders, NJ.  He worked as the manager of Costco in East Hanover and was engaged to be married at the time is passed into heaven. He was  a member of the Mt. Olive Democratic Committee, East Hanover Costco Leadership Fund, and Flanders Methodist Church. 
Draven S. Meininger 2010-2010
Murtha, Robert 1971-1996

Bob was born in Newton, NJ but lived his whole life in Budd Lake.  He was a self-employed construction worker.  He is remembered by his friends in Mt. Olive who continue to speak of his friendship, even after all these years.  He was a member of St. Jude's Church. He left behind a son, Ryan Patrick, a legacy who is protected by his Dad in heaven.