Dermanjian, Rebecca  1992-2011

Becky is remembered as a kind person with a loving heart. She was friendly, respectful, caring, and genuine; absolutely beautiful inside and out.  She loved to dance, listen to favorite and new music and go to concerts. Rebecca loved the beach and Disney World. She loved spending time with her friends. She loved to just have fun. Rebecca was the "go-to" person for many of her friends. She offered wise and honest advice. Rebecca was very intelligent and won many awards, not only in her public school years at Mount Olive High School but even in her one and only year at Monmouth University. She loved to read and learned how at a very early age. Rebecca loved to write stories even before she could spell. Her writing won her many awards and scholarships and one published paper in college. Rebecca's year at Monmouth University was so impressive that there is a butterfly bush planted on campus with a plague in her memory. The Rebecca Dermanjian Memorial Scholarship is given each year to an incoming freshman majoring in psychology, which was her major. Perhaps the most important and precious thing to Rebecca was her family. Not only her brother, father and mother, but her grandparents, aunts, uncles, cousins and very large extended family. She loved holidays, parties and family gatherings. She meant the world to each of her family members. Rebecca will be "forever young" and forever loved. Rebecca lived by the words: "follow your heart." And that is exactly what she did
Dillon, Ryan  1974-1990

Ryan is remembered by a class-mate: "He was smart, VERY smart." He was known to be quiet but well-liked.  It would have been wonderful to see how he could have propelled this world toward greatness.  The heavens had other plans for this talented young man.
Delmore,  Christine  1973-1989

Christine was a personable young woman who was very friendly with a vibrant smile. She was sweet and respectful to everyone she met, no matter whether the person was similar to her, had a different group of close friends, was of a different background, or enjoyed different interests.
Feltwater, Richard  1970-1986

Richard lived on Netcong Rd in Budd Lake with his family. According to his grave marker, it appeared that Richard loved horses and enjoyed art.  Richard died in a Blairstown house fire with his three (3) young cousins aged between 3-5 years. 
DeRogotis, Diana  1991-2006

Diana is remembered by a close friend as 
"loving, caring, & strong. She was one of the nicest people I met when I moved to Mt. Olive. She may be gone but she will never be forgotten in anyone's heart that she touched."
Goldberg, Debbie  1957-1973

Debbie passed away after being hit by a car as a pedestrian.  Her class graduated in 1975 and honored her with memorium in the year book 
"Debbie's death left an unfillable void in our class, 
and in our school. 
Her smile, 
her hello, her face, 
and her ideas will be sorely
 missed by all. "
DuPont, Lisa A   1962-1983

Lisa grew up in Washington Twp., Warren County but moved to Budd Lake one year before her death. She worked as a secretary at County College of Morris. She is missed by her husband, parents, and siblings. Lisa lived in Mt. Olive for a short time but, as part of our community, she is warmly remembered here.
 Joseph A. Fedor     1964-1982

Joe lived with his family on Burnham Road in Flanders and was a 1982 graduate of MOHS.  He passed away about a month after graduation in a 1-car accident on route 206.  According to his obituary, Joe was a member of varsity baseball and played little league in his younger years.
Desranleau, Rebecca 1983-2002

Rebecca lived in Flanders and was a 2002 graduate of Pope John High School and entered the County College of Morris the following fall.  She was pursuing a degree in elementary education. During her high school career, Rebecca was distinguished as an honor student and homecoming queen. She was also part of the year book staff and key club and supported the Humane Society.
Gall, William  1966-1995

Billy lived in Budd Lake and graduated from MOHS in 1984. He moved to Jersey City only 3 months prior to his death and worked as an auto mechanic. He pre-deceased his parents, brother, and sister as well as his grandmother in Fla. 
Surnames beginning with D-G
Gilmore, Jessica Jade   1985-2005

Jessica was a graduate of Lenape Valley High School but moved to Budd Lake a year before she left for heaven. She was a volunteer at the New Jersey Vocational Rehabilitation Center in Hackettstown.
DeFeo, Joseph  1978-1998

Perhaps the most incredible legacy that Joseph left behind was a remark from his 13 year old neighbor at the time of his death.  She said, "Joey was a good kid.  He did everything right. He was most kids' role model." Joseph was a 1997 graduate of Mt. Olive High School and attended the PA College of Technology.  Although he had only recently arrived on campus, he was elected President of the Village Council, which served 320 residents in student housing. The students dedicated a time capsule that was scheduled to be buried on May 1, 1998 in his memory.
DeCristofaro, Nicholas  1987-2016

Nick was a graduate of Pope John High School and went on to graduate from St. Peter's College.  He was pursuing a career as a funeral director at the time he passed from this realm to the next. Nick was remembered as having an infectious smile and was loved by many. He enjoyed hunting and played baseball for the Pastime As. He won two Morris County Majors championships with that team.
Driesse,  Timorthy K  

Tim was a 1990 graduate of MOHS and lived in Budd Lake for most of his life. By the time of his death,  he had worked at the Shop Rite in Chester for 6 years and was familiar with many of the jobs there. Tim's life ended too soon as a result of injuries he sustained in a garage fire.  He is very missed by his MO friends who have not forgotten him.
Duffy, John   1958-1975

John grew up in Flanders and attended Mt. Olive Middle School.  He enlisted in the US Navy in 1975 and was assigned to the USS  William R. Rush.  His life ended as a result of an automobile accident.  He is missed.