I was pitching and Nick was catching. He made 2 throwing errors in a row; VERY uncharacteristic of Nick. They scored 2 runs from it....whatever...and bases were empty.  He gives the signal that I should be ....ummm...less than careful about putting my next pitch in the strike zone.  I wasn't happy with his errors but Iaughed and (accidently) hit the batter, who then went to 1st base.  On the next pitch, the kid on first tried to steal and Nick threw him out by a mile!!! Then he just gave me a wink! 
SO FUNNY!!!!!!
When LooneyTunes left Cartoon Network, I asked Nck if he missed it. He answered, "Everyday of my life."  (Mom bought him the video)
 I recall seeing a video of Nick and another ftball player challenge each other to a wrestling match. The problem? Another player was coach look-out because they used no mats or gear and, to top it all off, they did it before a ftball game.  They did shake hands before the match which seemed like good sportmanship!! LOL
End of senior year, Nick annouced he would be "taking some Fridays off" because he hadn't been absent the requisite number of days to lose credit.  WHAT?!!! Those privileges were left for workers in corporate America who earned the right to be part of the use it or lose it generation!!!

An older brother of Nick's friend writes, "I remember I woke up at 9 in the morning and Dan and Nick were supposed to be at school.  They were playing one-on-one wiffle ball and running the bases at full speed."
When Nick was asked 
if he believed in fate, 
he said, 
"I believe life happens."
I had the opportunity to talk to one of the high school teachers about a school-related issue in no way related to Nick.  The teacher asked me to repeat my name, which I did.  She asked me if I was Nick Novaky's mother.  I said that I was.  She said one word in reponse: "oh."  I figured that response couldn't be good but it was the end of his senior year and, if he got himself into academic problems, he knew it was his responsibily to ge himself out or not graduate.  His gig, not mine.  

However, I'm still a mom so....I couldn't stand the suspense and asked Nick about her.  He promptly told me that she was angry with him.  Why?  He explained that the students work on projects during the class period and are given one month for completion.  Nick works on his, non-stop, the last week.  The poor teacer must've been totally exasperated when she confronted him as to why he thinks he can get the project done in a week.  

His answer to her? 
"Because I'm that good!"  

My response "Oh great!.....uuuggghhhh." Then rolled my eyes and walked away.  He called after me,"Mom chill....I made sure I got the work done and did okay." I repeated my mantra, "His gig, not mine."
Laugh as we always laughed at the little jokes that we enjoyed together.
Play, smile, think of me, pray for me.
Let my name be ever the household word that it always was. 
Let it be spoken without an effort, without the ghost of a shadow upon it
....Henry Scott-Holland
I remember Nick
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