Nick's friends wrote to him after he departed for that other world 
of heavenly beaches 
and baseball games that are always won....

Dont Cry Because It's Over; Smile Because It Happened. --Dr. Seuss      

...So many good memories with you over the years. I'm honored that I had the opportunity to play baseball with you all these years and I was always so impressed with your work ethic. I don't think I ever had a teammate that worked as hard as you did. You were a great teammate, your heart was what made you one. You were one of the least selfish players I've ever played with. You never let failure stop you from improving. You came a long way, all the hard work you put in paid off. You improved so much over the years and I'm honored to have been your teammate. You're a tough kid and always have been. There wasn't anything you couldn't do. Your ambition was what made you great. Wearing these tonight at my game for you man. (black sun glare paint with John1:4 written). To a great teammate, a great friend and an even greater person, you'll always be my catcher, gonna miss you a lot. 

Rest easy.

You always found the humor in everything but if there were ever a time to be serious you would be doing the right thing. You never treated anyone differently. Everyone was equal in your eyes and thats why so many people loved you. You were the epitome of a pure spirit. ... I looked at you as a beacon of hope and inspiration ... I miss you more then anything brother and, although you're gone, your life will forever be celebrated in every action I do until the end of my life. Anytime I'm feeling down or negative, I'll look up at the skies and feel your presence and suddenly become enshrouded with this unexplainable energy, happiness and appreciation for my time here. The night of your death we all didn't just lose a friend. We lost a teacher. From that day on I have taken my life into my own hands and have chosen to actually live it (unlike I was before) ... 
I will never forget you because you truly are a part of me and I will be forever grateful for the lessons you taught me indirectly and directly about this life. I wish I could see you one last time.   Rest in peace, brother
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