VICKY!.. Your Iris is spreading and bloomin May, 2017
In the fall, 2016, the Foundation had original and extended parts of the garden professionally winterized.  The spring came with no weeds, flowers blooming, and incredible beauty.  The plants in our second section are in their infancy but growing well.  We will continue to plant in early summer.  To begin, we planted 4 tall Forsythia that frames the boundaries of the new garden section.
Our first plaque naming the young lives lost too early!
March, 2017
The Foundation had 2 brushed aluminum plaques made that commemorates lives of Mt. Olive young who died between the late 1960s till 2014.  The township Building and Grounds Department made the beautiful display frame. There is a plaque on each side.  Please let us know if we forgot anyone.  Other plaques are being planned for those who passed after 2014 and well before the1960s.
Become Awesome

The Soaring Hawk Award and Cash Gift
is awarded to the graduating Mt. Olive High School senior
 who has demonstrated
humanitarian values, true altruism, and the ability cope with adversity.
The Award has been presented to

Adriana Morales at MOHS on June 13, 2013
Elyse Abrams on June 12, 2014
Alexander Brattstrom on June 11, 2015
John Liccone on June 12, 2016
Christine Nadal on June 12, 2017
August, 2017. New mulching. Garden is expanding with new mulch and plaques.  Also, gazebo is being planned in memory of Bridget Quinn and donated by the Quinn Family