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The Become Awesome Foundation Soaring Hawk Award

and return 
via email as an attachment to:

or mail to: Become Awesome 
c/o Dr. Denise Novaky,
699 Washington Street Suite 101, 
Hackettstown, NJ 07840

Your Name____________________________________________________
Your home address_____________________________________________
Your email address_____________________________________________
Your date of birth:______________________________________________
Do you expect to graduate from Mt. Olive High School in June, 2018? _______

Please complete all four questions below in essay form. 
 Keep in mind that, unlike other scholarships for which you may apply, we are not particularly interested in your grades or other accolades you may add to your resume.  The Foundation is concerned with the degree to which the applicant understands altruism, the giving of oneself without expecting repayment. The successful applicant is one who has a solid understanding of humanitarian values; that is, the belief that human beings have the responsibility of working together towards the survival of all. Additionally, we are looking for the applicant who is able to maintain strength and resilience in coping with life and. in that way, models the ability to
A)    How are you involved in the Mt. Olive High School Community, whether it be formally through clubs and sports or informally through your relationships withh other students

B)    Who are you?
What are the values that you portray to the world and how do you portray them?

C)    How did you overcome difficulty or hardship?  What did you do?

D)    What behavior(s) do you exhibit that is encouraging, uplifting, and/or supportive to your class-mates as they struggle with life’s difficulties?
Become Awesome, even when life hurts.